1. have a nice trip, see you next fallen

  2. so a thing happened today

  3. zaheer we go again

  4. you’ve probably never heard of him

    I’ll now be updating on instagram too, just type “latenightdrawingtime” or “brandon larish” when searching for a user!

  5. makin’ pokébank


  6. Anonymous said: Have you seen the preview glimpse of Chainsaw Richard, that new cartoon short coming out on CartoonHangover's youtube channel? The art style looks incredibly similar to the artstyle from your previous works on this site! I was a little saddened when I found out that it wasn't your project...


    no need to be sad, Chainsaw Richard looks great, and I’m excited to see it too, I’ve been following Christopher Reineman’s tumblr for a while now, his stuff is great

  7. gross


  8. itsallaboutyoumcfly said: Hi :) I was just wondering what program you use to animate your drawings

    I go to the photo shop on adobe


  9. andersonrandom said: It's funny because I know exactly which game you're talking about.

    that’s not the joke though, you goofball

  10. I’m a little steamed