1. looks like this expedition took a dive


  2. inbox update

    I’ve decided to stop drawing answers for all the messages in my inbox for multiple reasons.

    1. It takes too long. The messages have been sitting there for months and I can’t keep up, nor do I want to anymore.

    2. Certain messages irk me. I’m not a fan of the messages saying “I SHOULD draw this” and “draw this NOW”. Even if you’re joking, I don’t like the tone of those words. I’m a person, not a machine ready to follow your every whim. Unless you pay me for it. Speaking of which…

    3. Commissions are impossible. I love drawing, but I want to make a living from this someday. If I ever decided to start taking commissions, then I can’t just hand out free doodles to random people. Potential commissioners would simply follow suit. It’s not fair that I would charge only a handful of people while the majority get free stuff.

    With all of this said, I will still respond to messages, and I welcome them with open arms. I just hope you all understand.

  3. hey-o

  4. better late than never I suppose


  5. 2014 resolution: stop feeling like everything I draw is no good so I can fulfill my actual 2014 resolution: post more often

    PS don’t let college kill me

    PSS become an actual pokemon master

  6. Do NOT delete this description!

    To celebrate the new year, why don’t you go buy this new product I’ve just put up on my Store? It compliments torsos of any size, shape or gender!

  7. new avatar woo


  8. festive update 2: the sequel

    still ill, still kicking, still sorry


  9. festive update

    sorry I haven’t put up any stuff lately I’ve been busy with finals and crimmas shenanigans and dealing with illness

    I still love all 1,468 of you and I got some stuff coming soon

  10. eight tentacles, no waiting