1. mario kart 8: nightmare fuel


  2. randomrainicorn said: You drew the last of us AND adventure time? YOU ARE AWESOME!


  3. lazypinecone said: A blog about puns and random senseless humor. Why are you what I hope to be in life? :)

    don’t try to be me, try to jump past me and become more than me


  4. negaknight said: Wow I love your art, and as an aspiring animator I was wondering how you made your animations look so smooth... mine are often choppy even when i add extra frames... thanks a bunch!

    It sounds like you’re having trouble with the duration of your frames, which is adjustable near the bottom of each frame in the Animation Panel.image

    If you click the black arrow, it will have some presets you can choose from, or you can click “Other” and set your own. I’ve heard the 24-frame animation standard is “0.04 seconds”, but for my looping gifs I tend to go for “0.05 seconds”. Either work fine, as they are smoother than “0.1 seconds” without being way too fast like the default “0 seconds” shown above. I also tend to keep my looping animations at either 3 or 4 frames, but that can vary depending on the content, and there’s no set way to make a good loop. You can even set the duration of each frame to different times, so feel free to experiment and find what works for you!

    Someone else asked about how I animate a while ago, that small tutorial is right here, and a very neat video I found helpful showcasing the basic principles of animation can be found here! I hope I helped!

  5. what a mass-hole

  6. interstellar looks interstellar

  7. a perfect storm

  8. doodled a thing while I had to paint tools for schools


  9. personal things = lack of comics

    more at 11

  10. a true remasterpiece