1. geppettophile


  2. dolphinjuicebox said: If I stop, how can I find an octagon? How, Brandon, how?

    just go fight some dude in his underwear, idk


  3. Anonymous said: when the new comics dude?

    they’re coming, chill


  4. update

    school, new job, potentially dead hard drive and other personal things are standing in the way of more comics. will try to get it all sorted out soon.



  5. codename-ronin-prime said: Hey dude, I meant no offense with the picture post. I actually didn't even find it on Tumblr. I just thought it was funny and decided to share it here. You have skills, man. I would never claim what isn't mine, especially something this great


    thanks dude


  7. Anonymous said: just a warning that user codename-ronin-prime reposted your mega-sableye comic in the pkmnart tag.

    thank you for bringing this to my attention kind anon my people will call your people

  8. i’m sure someone beet me to this punch


  9. Anonymous said: Hi!! I rly love ur art (i spent like 3 hrs going thru it yesterday oops) and i was wondering, what tablet do u use?? I want to invest and i want to get a good one.

    Thank you! I use a Wacom Bamboo Pen tablet, it was about $70 back when I bought it a couple years ago… however, they no longer sell them. In it’s place is the Intuos Pen, for $80, which has wireless capabilities and looks to have a bigger space to draw on than the Bamboo! I’ve also heard great things about Monoprice tablets, which run cheaper than Wacom by far, but I’ve yet to use one myself. Do some research and choose what sounds right for you, everyone is different!

  10. dig dug too deep