1. personal things = lack of comics

    more at 11

  2. a true remasterpiece

  3. I bought the HTC One Ton

  4. klecktacular:


    my love

    wait for me, A.M. Crunchwrap

    come on in the cinnabon is delightful

  5. I made an Instagram and I might post more stuff like this on it who knows

    username: blarish

  6. this comic is as dumb as my brain

  7. this joke is plane and simple

  8. nuzlocke-down

  9. charmandacb:


    a true masterpiece

    When me and thescreamingpoptart were on the train going to NYCC, there was a dude dressed as Joel in the same car as us. I mentioned this comic, laughing especially about the pen panel. The next time I looked over at the Joel cosplayer, he was holding a pen in his hand and clicking it rapidly while trying to look casual.


    this is one of the best things

  10. yeah ellie lighten up